PhD Studies

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The PhD studies are intended for the advanced training of the student in research techniques. They may include courses, seminars or other activities oriented towards research training and will include writing up and presenting a corresponding Doctoral Thesis, consisting in an original research work. These studies lead to the title of “Doctor by the University of Zaragoza”.

The Doctoral School manages at the University of Zaragoza, all Doctoral Studies through 45 Doctoral Programs (12 belong to the branch Engineering and Architecture, 10 to Science and other 10 to Social and Legal Sciences).


The Doctoral Thesis can be carried out under the supervision of professors and researchers of the Technological College (research groups) within the above mentioned Doctoral Programs. Those most related to research linked to the Technological College are highlighted below.


Doctoral Programmes

Research lines

Research groups


Animal Production


-Animal nutrition and reproduction

-Gametic Manipulation Bio-Technologies (TECNOGAM)

Food Quality, Safety and Technology


-Research on plant-based foods

-Vegetarian food (GIAOVE)



-External geodynamics

-Geomorphology and Global Change

Inorganic Chemistry

-Gold and silver chemistry

-Gold and Silver Chemistry

Organic Chemistry


-Organic synthesis through catalytic methods

-Synthesis and structure of biomolecules

-Amino Acids and Peptides

-Asymmetric Organocatalysis (HOCA)

Physical Chemistry

-Physical chemistry

-Applied Thermodynamics and Surfaces (GATHERS)


Regional Planning and Environment


-Regional planning and environment

-Fire Effects on Soil Properties (Fuegosol)

-Paleoenvironments of quaternary (PALOQ)

-Territorial Development Studies (GEDETUZ)


Agricultural and Environmental Natural Sciences


-Agronomy, soil and water

-Biodiversity, conservation of organisms and ecosystems, and ecological restoration

-Plant breeding

-Sustainable agro-silvo-pastoral systems and agro-food economy

-Nanofungicides, Valorization of natural products, Valorization of waste, Biorefineries, Soil pollution, Life cycle analysis, Environmental impact analysis

-Agricultural Machinery Laboratory (LAMAGRI)

-Biology, Physiology and Reproduction Technologies (BIOFITER)

-Conservation of Ecosystems

-Ecological Restoration

-Fire Effects on Soil Properties (Fuegosol)

-Plant Biology and Evolution (Bioflora)

-Robotics, Perception and Real Time Group (RoPeRT)

-Sustainable Crop Production (PROVESOS)

Design and Manufacturing Engineering


-Design and manufacturing engineering: Group 1

-Design and manufacturing engineering: Group 2 


Systems Engineering and Information Technology

-Information systems and web engineering

-Robotics, Perception and Real Time Group (RoPeRT)

Mechanical Engineering


-Fluid mechanics

-Mechanical systems and machines, advanced materials in mechanics, transport system and vehicles

-Agricultural Machinery Laboratory (LAMAGRI)

Chemical and Environmental Engineering

-Catalysis, molecular separation and reactor engineering

-Thermochemical processes

-Water and environmental health

-BIOCHAR (Biochar Research Lab)

-CREG (Catalysis, Molecular Separations and Reactor Engineering)

-Water and Environmental Health Group

Fluid Mechanic

-Fluid mechanics

-Irrigation Design and Management (Gestar)

Information extracted from Doctoral School web