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Víctor Aranda Aranda
Degree in Rural and Agri-Food Engineering
OUT 2023-2024 University of Turin

Hello, I'm Victor Aranda, a GIAMR student at EPS, and this past academic year (2023-2024) I studied at the University of Turin, in Italy. For those who don't know where it is, it's located in northern Italy, right at the foot of the Alps.

My experience in Turin has been truly impressive. Going on Erasmus alone has marked a before and after in my career and perception of life. I've learned to navigate outside of my comfort zone, to rely on myself, and to be responsible for my actions. Being abroad and being "alone" makes you grow up because everything depends on you.

Beyond the professional aspect, since I arrived in September, I haven't stopped making plans, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, languages, experiences... throughout the whole year, I've traveled to more than 14 countries!! I've visited very special places, from seeing the northern lights in Iceland to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

Honestly, I encourage anyone considering this experience to go for it. You have to be brave if what holds you back is being alone and away from home. Don't let the fear of leaving your comfort zone stop you because, for me, it has been the bravest decision I've made and the most rewarding.

Andrés González and Ana Soria 
Degree in Environmental Sciences
OUT 2022-2023 Brno (República Checa); Mendel University

Dobrý den!!
We are Andrés and Ana, students from the EPS, and for a year we were at Mendel in Brno, and we want to tell you a bit about our Erasmus experience.
Should I go on Erasmus or not? For us, the answer is very easy, YES. At first, doubts always arise, but once you're there, they all disappear.
Brno is a small city, so it feels very welcoming. On the other hand, the language and customs are very different from ours, but you end up getting used to them.
Usually, you can communicate with English, but you end up learning the most important things in their native language, such as, for example:

→ Una cerveza por favor… Gracias, con tarjeta…Adiós 
    One beer please... Thank you, with card... Goodbye
→ Pivo prosím... Děkuji, kartou prosím… nashledanou

Being a country in Central Europe gives you the opportunity to travel to multiple countries around for a low cost. Even with the Czech student card, you can travel across the country, including its capital, for €5 or less!
Regarding food, we won't lie to you... it's the only thing we missed from Spain, but you can't miss the smažený sýr. However, we can envy the quality and price of the beer.
Aside from all the good stuff like traveling and partying, there's the academic side. Mendel University offers classes in English (and even some in Spanish), which makes studying easy and allows you to pass your courses with very good grades.
Lastly, and what we are most grateful for from this experience, is all the people we have met and still keep in touch with (both Spanish and international). Thanks to these last two points, you come back home with an improved level of English and the confidence to navigate through various situations.
So if you're thinking about going on Erasmus, we recommend Brno as your destination.

Na Zdraví!

Teresa Perigot Ortillés
Degree in Environmental Sciences
OUT 22-23, Pavia (Italia)

My time in Pavia has been wonderful. As a very international small city, Pavia offers the possibility of living in a quiet but social atmosphere and the opportunity to meet people from all over the world! Doing an Erasmus opens you to new experiences and adventures: travels, new languages, knowledge… It makes you grow as a person ad you’ll have a lot of amazing and beautiful memories. Definitely something you shouldn’t let it pass!

Marta Escuer Arregui


If you love nature, Vilnius is your place; it is surrounded by forests and lakes. The ERASMUS program was a great time to explore new places which I have never thought of visiting.

I met a lot of nice people from different countries. It also improved my English a lot.

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is very active and all weeks I could participate in a lot of activities.

The teachers were very pleasant and were happy to helped in all problems and the university has a great way of online teaching, so I didn’t have problems during quarantine.

So, what are you waiting for to have a great experience?

Antonietta Mirabella, Scienze e tecnologie agrarie

(IN, 2019 - University of Naples, Italy)

“My Erasmus in Huesca was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Huesca is a small and welcoming city. I lived five wonderful months, studying, making new friends and visiting the incredible natural landscapes that surround it. At university I studied agricultural engineering and found the teaching method of the professors very stimulating, completely new to me. Everybody should live this experience!!”

Emilio Franco, Degree in Environmental Sciences

(OUT, 2019 - University of Pavia, Italy)

“Living in a foreign country gave me the opportunity to know a little bit more about the local culture, habits and a little bit of Italian language. All the Erasmus students and I have created a group made of people from all over the world. I enjoyed the Erasmus experience a lot and I would definitely recommend it. I'm sure that I will never forget not even a second that I spent in Italy with my Erasmus family. Furthermore, I would highly recommend Italy as hosting country because of its beauty and its amazing people. Italians are welcoming people and they really make you feel at home. And, last but not least, the Erasmus program is fundamental for everyone's personal growth, since living in a foreign country also means paying bills, facing a different culture, respecting local laws and rules, etc.”

Michela Cinque, Master in Food Science and Technology

(IN, 2018 - University of Naples, Italy)

“My Erasmus experience was the best adventure of my life: a continuous challenge with myself to overcome, learning a new language, the opportunity to travel and discover new places and new people from all over the world. Discover breathtaking places and enchanting sunsets. The university is very beautiful, has a modern structure totally surrounded by nature and by an incredible landscape of which you can fully enjoy even while studying, through the large window of the library! Moments with different people, within the EPS, as teachers, classmates and out of the EPS, with the other Erasmus and my roommates who have become my second family and that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. If I think of this experience, the first phrase that comes to mind is: What Huesca has united, nothing will divide it!”

Ingrid Cavazos, Degree in Genomic Biotechnology

(IN, 2017 - Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Mexico)

“To study in the EPS - Huesca has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life: during the six months I lived there, I learned many things, both academical and personal.  There I took courses of Environmental Sciences, which is such an important occupation now on. I met new friends from the whole world and visited many countries in Europe. Everybody should live this experience and make unique memories in such a beautiful place to live like Huesca is, so don´t hesitate and make yours too!!”

Héctor Marín, Degree in Environmental Sciences

(OUT, 2018 -  Vilniaus Gedimino Technikos Universitetas, Lithuania)


“I have been in Vilna (Lithuania) by Erasmus and I think that it was the best choice I have ever taken. At beginning it was little hard but all people helped me to integrate. Vilna is a great city full of young people and party, the food very cheap and the language never was a problem. Lithuania in general, is a wonderful country with beautiful landscapes. There, I learned their culture and history. In conclusion, Erasmus is a great opportunity to meet many people from different places and countries, also to travel and visit many cities.”

Alejandro Lapuente, Degree in Environmental Sciences

(OUT, 2018 - University of Innsbruck, Austria)

“This has really been one of the best experiences for my life and personal evolution. Nothing best to open my mind, meet lots of people from different countries, learn about their cultures, continue with my studies, perform two languages at the same time,… and all this travelling to another country, visiting different places and having so funny and special moments. It´s a fact that in life you can be younger or older, but you will always be learning something different, and this allowed me to do it feeling happier and enjoying life itself.”

Alba Vaquero, Degree in Environmental Sciences

(OUT, 2017 - Vilniaus Gedimino Technikos Universitetas, Lithuania)

“I think everybody should live the Erasmus experience. It's true that at the beginning you feel afraid but you are going to live new sensations, unforgettable moments and the most important you will overcome challenges. This year has helped me to open my mind and it also has shown me that I can do whatever I want. Because this is an Erasmus. It is every trip you do with lot of new cultures and adventures. It is also new people that you are going to miss later because finally they are like your family. It is a new university with other academic methods and other language. For all these reasons it has been one of the best years in my life and it could be yours. A?iü Vilnius.”

Cristina Abad, Degree in Environmental Sciences

(OUT, 2017 - University of Innsbruck, Austria)

It's hard for me to explain the effect of this experience in my life. So many new sensations, places, points of view, unforgettable people... even the feeling of missing something has a positive point; it teaches you how to really appreciate the people, places and facts of your life when you are back at home. So I simply say to you that if you are wondering if you should participate in a mobility program, do it. You won't regret it, it's now or never! And once you're there, take part in every adventure and spontaneous plan that will appear around you, don't waste your time!!”

Verena Duschek, B.Sc. Biology

(IN, 2016 - University of Innsbruck, Austria)

“I just have good memories about studying in the EPS in Huesca. The faculty is very modern and it is surrounded by an amazing landscape, which you can enjoy while studying in the library (incredible view at the Pre-Pyrenees) or doing excursions with class. The teachers are super friendly and obliging and apart of that nearly all of them speak English fluently. Also the classmates were fantastic; whatever I needed they helped me and they even took me to a trip to the Pyrenees. I really made some good friends over there. I just can tell you that studying at the EPS was the best which could have happened to me and I recommend it to everyone.”

 Celia Lainez, Degree in Environmental Sciences

(OUT, 2016 - University of Genoa, Italy)

"My Erasmus experience has been one of the best adventures in my life. The opportunity of meeting new people from all around the world, travelling through different places, learning new languages and overcome challenges are some of the things that have opened my mind in all senses. Definitely, this experience will only bring positive learnings in your life!".

Gianluca Persia, Degree in Environmental and Natural Sciences

(IN, 2015 - University of Genoa, Italy)

“Studying the environment is a wonderful occupation, but if you do it at the EPS of Huesca it takes the advantage of being a 360-degrees experience. Every aspect of academic life in this university aims to involve the student in the specific field, leaving you richer both in knowledge and in personality.”

Adrián Gracia, Agricultural Engineering

(OUT, 2015 - Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada)

“All the other people were invited to the trip but you were left out because of your boyfriend, your team loyalty, your pet at the end, your best asset, your time! Life is short, travel more. Not gots, not glory! Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever (Mahatma Ghandi).

The most important is not the place where you go... it is the path that you will made. You have a long way to go... got it? “

Marcos Sierra, Master in Agricultural Engineering

(OUT, 2015 - University of Rzeszów, Poland)

“Cze??/Hello!! I'm Marcos and I've been studying in Rzeszów (Poland). If you decide to study in Poland, you will see a country with many contrasts, modern cities and universities within a recent very complex History. You'll adapt quickly to the strong Polish soups and your second home will be “Polskibus” and “PKP train”. I have visited many cities in 8 different countries. This experience has been very enriching. You'll have the opportunity to live in another country, meet many young European people, learn languages, and travel. Throw out your fears and join Erasmus, a singular experience!”

Eva Sáiz, Degree in Environmental Sciences

(OUT, 2015 - Universidad Agraria de La Habana, Cuba)

“Cooperation programs offer the chance to know other countries and cultures, as well as provide an opportunity to work in projects that promote sustainable and equitative development of diverse societies. In Cuba, in both the social and academic environment, the limited access to resources encourages the ingenuity and the solidarity, which makes the Cuban people to be really special and the experience there, unforgettable.

Marta Llamas, Degree in Environmental Sciences

(OUT, 2014 - University of Lausanne, Switzerland)

“This was a year of discoveries and travelling, travelling through real trips and through deep conversations with people from all over the world. I enjoyed so much using languages as a tool to break down barriers of communication and making friends I would have never met without going abroad. I can’t wait to repeat this experience somewhere else!”