Internships/Projects in Mobility

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BIOFITER (Biology, Physiology and Reproductive Technologies)

Web Biofiter

Areas of Research:

-Genetic improvement of Iberian honeybee (Apis mellifera iberiensis)

People of contact:

-Pilar Santolaria (

BIOFLORA (Plant, Biology and Evolution)

Web Bioflora

Areas of Research:

-Systematics and evolution in plants

-Biogeography and phylogeography

-Genome of the model plants Brachypodium

-Systematics and evolution of angiosperms (grasses of the subfamily Pooideae)

-Comparative genomics of model plants (Brachypodium, Loliinae)

-Interactions and co-evolution of grasses and their endophytic fungi

-Population Genetics

-Conservation Biology of Flora and Fauna

People of contact:

-Pilar Catalán (

-Ernesto Pérez (

GEOFOREST (Geo-environmental Processes in Forest Spaces)

Web Geoforest

Areas of Research:

-The effects of prescribed burns on soil properties

-Geomatics, Drones, GNSS, LiDAR, Glaciers

People of contact:

-David Badía (

-Alfredo Serreta (

GPT (Thermochemical Processes Group)


Areas of Research:

-Production of green hydrogen by bioethanol dehydrogenation and by catalytic decomposition of biomethane

-Carbon gasification with carbon dioxide

-Catalytic synthesis of graphene and carbon nanotubes

-Production of carbonaceous materials from agro-industrial biomass

-Carbonaceous electrodes for electrochemical energy storage devices

People of contact:

-Nieves Latorre (

-Joan Manyá (


RESTAURACIÓN ECOLÓGICA (Ecological Restoration)

Web Restauracioón ecologica

Areas of Research:

-Impact of leisure activities (canyoning and aquatic trekking) on aquatic ecosystems in protected areas

-Determination of the ecological status of continental water bodies using bioindicators

-Optimization of the reference states of endorheic lagoons in irrigated areas

-Restoration of mining operations

-Ecology of rural depopulation: Evaluation of ecosystem services and Restoration of mosaic landscapes

-Naturalization of photovoltaic parks

-Seed ecology, relationship between germination and soil water availability

People of contact:

-José Manuel Nicolau (

-Rocío López (

-Jaume Tormo (