Accommodation for students in Huesca

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Student Residence Ramón Acín. University of Zaragoza

 The Student Residence “Ramón Acín” of Huesca belongs to the University of Zaragoza, was founded in October 1987.


Quinto Sertorio, 14.

22002 HUESCA

Phone: 974 22 72 11

Fax:    974 23 94 12

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Accomodation Service. Information and Claims Ceter. University of Zaragoza

 Search system for apartments and rooms for rent, in a database that contains the list of apartments and rooms available through the Accommodation Service of the University of Zaragoza.

Other Student Residences

IES-Pirámide Residence

Phone: 974 210012

Fuero Residence

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Hotels and Hostels

Hostel Rugaca

Located in the city center of Huesca, offers a limited number of rooms as student residence.

Aparthotel Huesca

54 modern and spacious apartments (50 m2) with bathroom and independent kitchen equipped with the latest amenities ideal for professional destinations, as well as to enjoy short family breaks or group of friends. Located in the center of the city, in the Intermodal Station.

Hotel Posada de la Luna