Subject Master in Agricultural Engineering

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Module 1: Technology and planning of the rural environment

First year

60561 Rural infrastructure

60563 Agricultural land-use planning and management

60565 Water resources and hydraulic facilities

60566 Rural facilities and roads

Module 2: Technology in crop and livestock production

First year

60567 Animal production systems

60568 Plant production systems

Second year

60570 Biotechnology in plant and animal breeding

Module 3: Technology in agri-food industries

First year

60560 Food quality and safety

60564 Agricultural and rural development policies

60569 Systems and processes of food industries

Module 4: Management and organisation of agri-food companies

First year

60562 Agri-food marketing

Second year

60571 Agri-food business management

Module 5: Internship

Second year

60572 Internships

Module 6: Master thesis

Second year

60573 Master dissertation